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Precer Research

Solid fuel combustion for power generation

Precer Research is developing the core technologies used in the combustion of solid fuels in combination with a heat engine. 

We are working to develop future products and services based on for example: solid fuels and hybrid technology for Precer five core businesses.

The base of Precer’s vehicle/power plant technology is a solid fuel burner with an especially adapted combustion zone, running a heat engine, which in its turn charges batteries. The batteries can then generate power for a building or run an electrical engine in a hybrid vehicle. In other words a solid fuel hybrid. The fuel can be any kinds of solid fuel that are supported by the system.

The charging unit of Precer is adaptable to operate in five different application areas. For further information see information sheets on this page.

Download Concept Vehicle Data Sheet (PDF-file)

Precer Autotech Prototype (G1) BioRacer one

Precer Autotech Prototype (G2) BioRacer two



Download Information Sheet (PDF-file)

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